I'm gonna be wicked bored and need your help!

I'm about to be ridiculously bored and I need your help to come up with some creative solutions for passing my time. On Tuesday, July 28, I'm going to be admitted for about three weeks at Cedars Sinai for my stem cell transplant. I'll be in partial isolation (translation - limited/no visitors and really, really, really bored). Obviously, I'll have less room to do what these geniuses have done, but I need this kind of creative thought from all of you!

I've put together a form below that will populate a spreadsheet of your brilliant ideas for movies, TV shows, ipad/iphone games and anything else you can come up with. During my past hospital stays, I've found myself fumbling through nextflix, HBO go, TWC on demand, etc... and watching absolute crap. It would be so great to have a list of really interesting, fun, funny and/or captivating shows or movies to watch.

A couple of people have already made some awesome suggestions, like rosetta stone and meditation via the headspace app. I'm also considering studying dog training videos so we can teach Lucia some cool tricks when I'm out of the hospital. I'm all set with book suggestions for the moment. Many of you have kindly sent a library of best-sellers that I'm enjoying tremendously and still working through. 

So, I'd really appreciate it if you could provide some suggestions by doing the following:

  1. Check this link before filling out the form to see if someone has already recommended what you're about to suggest. It will take you to a spread sheet. Just CNTL+F (search) your idea to make sure it's not already there.
  2. Fill out the form below with your suggestions. You'll have to submit a new entry for each recommendation. Sorry about this! It'll make my life a lot easer when it comes to sorting through the recommendations.

Thanks so much for your help!!!


Type in the name of the movie, TV show, book etc...