Update to 7/1/15 Post - Murphy's Law

The docs are finally, mostly on the same page. Just got a call from my Onc at UCLA. Tomorrow or Friday I will go in for one more IGEV and will get out on Monday or Tuesday. My doctors feel that this is the safest approach, so I'm on board with that. I mean, what's the difference between 20 and 24 infusions at this point (I'll be at 24 after this cycle)? After that, I will do high doses of Neupogen (white blood cell stimulant) until my white blood cells are high enough (>10) to start harvesting my stem cells. Harvesting will likely start July 13th or 14th (Allison's birthday - Happy Bday Allison!) and will last as long as it takes to harvest enough stem cells (likely 3-4 days). Transplant will be in late July or early August. Stay tuned...

Honestly, though... WHATEVER! IT'S A CURE! 


Again, thank you all!!!