I have ALWAYS  wanted a mohawk. Maybe it's my Native American heritage. Maybe it's because Chuck Lidell looks so badass, who knows. So yesterday, when my hair started falling out, I called up my friend, Ryan Lewis (he's a superstar, but he's not the musical superstar, Ryan Lewis). By the way, I'm totally fine with losing my hair. I get the sweet haircut pictured below and will get to rock the Mr. Clean look for a while. Also, better me lose my hair than a woman! Happy to take one for the team.

Ryan is an artist in more ways than one. I've never had anyone sculpt my hair like Ryan does. His attention to detail is unbelievable. Ryan is also an accomplished photographer, teaches styling all over the country and is one of the kindest and best dudes I know. He's been cutting Allison's and her Mom's and sisters' hair for years (he now cuts my, Allison's Dad's and my sister's hair). When he first heard that I was sick, he offered to cut my hair, pro-bono. What Ryan didn't anticipate was, that I wouldn't lose my hair for the first 10 months of treatment... sorry Ryan! In addition to being thankful that I didn't lose my hair until now, I'm every grateful to have gained Ryan as a friend. Ladies and gents, if you live in LA and Ryan doesn't already cut your hair, get over to Saulino Smith ASAP and get in with Ryan. You'll never want anyone else to cut your hair...ever. 

Below is a picture of Ryan and me after my cut yesterday. Ryan, being the artist that he is, wanted to give me a really cool "Premier League" mohawk. We've decided to call the cut a "Brohawk". I gotta be honest, it looks pretty badass. Ryan, you're the man. Looking forward to playing some golf with you soon. Thanks again brotha!