Suggestions and other Tidbits

First and foremost, thank you to everyone for your love and support.  Your kind words and well wishes have made all the difference.

If you're interested in sending Jonno something that is off-registry, see below for some guidelines and suggestions. 

Food and Treats

  • Jonno is trying to stay super healthy during treatment so if you're going to send food, please avoid candy and anything with artificial ingredients.


  • Massage
    • Chemotherapy causes something called "neuropathy" which causes numbness, pain, tingling and the sensation that your extremities have fallen asleep.  Massage, particularly foot massage has been known to help relieve these symptoms.
  • Bath and Body Products
    • Chemo ravages your skin but moisturizers and soothing skin care products can help.  Jonno is sensitive to smell so something lightly scented or unscented is best.  They should also be free of chemicals or artificial fragrances.


  • Shout-outs
    • Hospital time can get boring and lonely. Drop Jonno a line!  An e-mail, Facebook message, text or phone call is always appreciated.  He may not always be able to answer but he will love hearing from you.
  • Music, Movies, Books
    • Jonno loves music almost as much as he loves Allison (jk... but not really).  He is always interested in discovering new stuff so send him Spotify playlists, Dropbox downloads, iTunes suggestions, etc.
    • Send us suggestions, books or DVDs!  Lots of downtime means plenty of time to catch up on series, your favorite movie or book.   
  • Visits
    • If you're in the LA area, contact us to set up a time to say hello.