Heres How To Help

You can help if you're close by or far away by signing up below to provide items that Paul and Nina need. There's a separate signup form for locals and non-locals. 

Help If You're Far Away

If you're far away, you can still help with meals and other care items! Instead of providing it directly, you can cover the cost.

All you need to do is:

  1. Fill out the Help From Afar Form; and
  2. Send your contribution via Venmo or Paypal
    • Venmo: send to [_______]
    • Paypal: [_______]




Help From Afar

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The list below provides the estimated cost for each item. Please check one or more items that you'd like to provide and then fill out the next field with the total amount that you will contribute.

Help If You're Local

We'd love help with rides, groceries and prescription pickup and some home cooked meals. If you are able to provide help with one or more of these things, please fill out the Help From Locals Form. We will contact you to coordinate delivery. You can sign up for more than one type of item.

Help If You're Local Form

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